We're a team of
full-stack developers based in Milan
specializing in quality and high-performance web applications.

We are always up to date on new technologies and put them to
use when servicing our customers to help their businesses grow.
We guide our clients through the integration of new technologies
by providing a wide range of services from software design and
architecture to business process automation.

What we do


UX/UI Design

Flow design, interaction design and user experience

We are experienced to help our customers through all stages of design, starting from branding and information architecture to POC, and finishing with UI/UX design.


Backend Development

Server side, database and business logic programming

We deliver solutions in line with a company's long-term strategy and design customized databases and API's to reflect its business structure.


Frontend Development

Our goal is a perfect user experience

We are quick to design MVPs to then create a responsive web application compatible on the full range of devices. We cover mobile first, providing an offline mode though a service worker.


Micro services

Productivity, Speed and Flexibility

We integrate customers'​ existing tools or use external APIs from a wide range of services. We display our web application data through GraphQL or REST.



Happier, more engaged teams

We equip the customer with Docker while maintaining high availability to avoid costly disruptions. Get the most out of cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services or DigitalOcean.


Testing drive development

TDD approach can easily make changes to their applications

Our approch to development is Test Driven . We are comfortable working on complex codebases and we use to test and debugging aur software before start coding.

Our technology and tools


Main Projects

Make your events yours

Palco is an event manager platform that allows to create and manage modular events for companies. The software can manage different sequential modules (webinars, surveys, chat systems modules, etc ...) through different participation flows with optional admission tool. Websocket technology allows real-time analysis of users and their interactions during the various steps of the event.



Your Career Compass Powered by A.I.

It is an automated mentoring and coaching platform that aims to guide the user in choosing the selected career according to soft skills and hard skills and to follow him in various steps using extensive use of machine learning algorithms.



Looking for a JOB? Send us an IDEA

It is an online platform that manages the interaction between job seekers and companies that, through their dedicated interface through which to publish jobCalls, can vote on the ideas of the candidates sent as documents, videos or audio.



Compra piante online

It is an online plant sales marketplace as well as the largest nursery in the world with more than 8.000 different plant species and around 10.000 products.



Your online pony express

onPony is a digital platform that connects people traveling with people looking to send something, allowing you to earn on travels and save on deliveries. It has been compared to the “blablacar” of goods.



Manabù is a platform that allows you to perform online private lessons. The student can search among the profiles of teachers from all over Italy and find the best tutor for him. You can book the lesson, manage the calendar in a digital agenda that clearly highlights the availability of the teachers and the lessons of the student.


Kōdo - via della Moscova 15 - 20121 Milan